An appeal to the World Conference


to enable groups in WSO's meeting list to reach out to

atheists, agnostics, and polytheists.




Over the years, secular Al-Anon meetings have been started and failed because people could not find them by looking at published meeting lists.  Let's suggest a remedy for this and bring it before the conference of delegate that sets policy for Al-Anon's service committees.


What we need to accomplish this:

         A proposal

         Arguments for it, and evidence of the need

         Delegates willing to present the arguments

         Anything else?  Please send comments to

This page can serve as a repository for these resources.


You can help:

         If you would like to write a proposal or arguments, we can collect them on this web page.

         If you are a delegate or are willing to seek out sypathetic delegates, you can send them to this page to supply them with thought-provoking material.

         If you are willing to write a testimonial stating your need and what secular meetings have done for you, we can collect those here.

         Add yourself to the mailing list:


No one knows how long it will take, so let's get started!


A proposal

Support for non-believers could take the form of allowing words like "secular" in the meeting names listed by WSO.  See the discussion here.


It could take the form of a special interest designation much like "adult children," or LGBT.


Other ideas?

Read formal proposals here.

Arguments for it

Contradiction between traditions and prevalent practices

The WSO contradicts itself by claiming that there is no religion in Al-Anon meetings but suggesting a format with monotheistic prayer.


When explaining why a meeting called "Al-Anon Without Religion" would not get into their meeting list, World Services says, "Using a name of this nature implies there are meetings for Al-Anon with religion when in fact, that is not the case."  But they post a suggested meeting format that uses the word "God" five times. (  "God" is a religious term, used by some but not all religions.  It flags Al-Anon as a fellowship of monothesists--Jews, Moslems and Christians, and not a fellowship of polytheists, athesists or undeclareds--Hindus, Buddhists, atheists,  indigenous people practicing shamanistic religions, and many others too numerous to list.  If there are Al-Anon meetings with God, there need to be some without God, as well.


Delegates willing to present the arguments

The groups are represented the GSRs at local decision-making gatherings.  Each group can have a GSR, and this is your first point of contact with decision making for Al-Anon as a whole.  You can talk to these people, explain the need, ask for their assistance, and support any efforts they make in the right direction.


Evidence of the need


Read testimonials from agnostic and atheist Al-Anon members here.

To add your testimonial, send it to  Please avoid offensive language.


The Wednesday night secular Al-Anon meeting gets about 10 new inquiries every month--far more than traditional meetings get.



Here are one member's comments on WSO's naming philosophy, not tied to a proposal.