Spiritual truth is available to all people at all times.

The clergy once claimed a monopoly on scientific truth, much as they now claim a monopoly on spiritual truth.

But truth is yours for the finding.

Remember the Middle Ages, when science consisted of the revealed word of Aristotle? Then malcontents like Galileo dared to observe and experiment. Scientific truth was there for anyone to find, and so is spiritual truth. Spirituality is not about celestial beings or what happens when we die. It's about what happens while we live: Will we be guided by our highest sense of good or by something less? Will we live in accord with our values or in discord? Do we savor life or endure it?

Anyone can experiment and discover that a life in which behavior betrays values is less satisfying than a life in which behavior does justice to values. Are you ready to make yourself a laboratory? Do you want to know your own intangible self? Do you want truth in the spiritual realm that is as freely discovered as scientific truth and as rigorously tested? Will you help me wrest spirituality from the same hands from which Galileo wrested Science?

Based on the author's 25 years of eclectic spiritual practice, this book will step you through the process of putting your life on a spiritually-sound footing, discovering what you value and how you want to live. It offers an integrated model of emotional healing and spiritual practice, with a cohesive structure for understanding a wide variety of therapeutic approaches.

If you're looking for a practical guide to spiritually-sound living...

If you are an atheist interested in spirituality...

If you wonder where meaning comes from...

If happiness eludes you more the harder you pursue it...

If you suspect spirituality has something to offer but can't find it among the wild claims, speculation and manipulation...

If you are happy with your religion but wonder what is universal in it and what is idiosyncratic...

...Spirituality Without Religion may be for you.


What people are saying about Spirituality Without Religion:

" The discussion of meditation was the most helpful I have read--and I've read a lot. "

-C. S. Marden, Buddhist


" The author has written a deeply thoughtful book that will be of value to many people. I particularly found the sections on meditation, religion, and spirituality provocative and compelling. "

-Laurel Elkjer, student of Vedanta
for over 20 years


" Working through the exercises in this book proved to be helpful in guiding me to recognize the endless solutions available to me when I choose to look at my problems through a spiritual perspective. "

-Angela Buffington, atheist


Spirituality Without Religion, A How-To Book
Soft cover, 330 pages, ISBN 978-0-9815180-0-8. $20
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